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Tips On How To Enhance Your CCTV Footage for Courtroom Use Cognitech

Cognitech Video Investigator 64

As an investigator, one of the most important aspects of forensics that you need to get familiar with is how to use CCTV footage enhancement software online. As you already know, closed-circuit televisions or CCTVs are never designed the same way. Yes, CCTVs are available in different types – these are majorly categorized into digital and analog surveillance cameras. While some of these cameras are designed to deliver high-definition footage, others are only capable of delivering low-quality images.


Unfortunately, low-quality video evidence is not often useful in the courtroom. For you to make the evidence usable, you need to improve the quality with the best CCTV video enhancer. Read on to discover a few tips on how to enhance your CCTV footage the right way.

What exactly is closed-circuit television enhancement?

Cognitech Video Investigator 64
Cognitech Video Investigator 64

Before going into details about how to effectively enhance your video recordings for the best results, here’s a burning question; what exactly is CCTV enhancement?


Closed-circuit television enhancement requires you (as a forensic investigator) to utilize non-destructive techniques to improve the quality of your video evidence. “Non-destructive” as used in the context above means CCTV enhancement primarily involves improving the quality of the video or image evidence without tampering with the integrity of the video.

How exactly does the best video enhancement software work?

The success of every CCTV footage enhancement depends on a few factors, these are:


  • Type of CCTV camera used
  • Quality of image or video evidence
  • Type of CCTV footage enhancement software.
  • Video resolution
  • Night vision level of the recorded video
  • Camera angle & quality of the lens
  • Distance of the camera from the crime subject
  • Video compression
  • CCTV camera settings
  • Lighting conditions
Cognitech Video Investigator 64
Cognitech Video Investigator 64

With the best IP camera or PoE CCTV device, you can always expect high-quality image or video recordings. Unfortunately, even the best CCTV camera can rarely come with one or more video issues due to lighting conditions and a few other factors. This is where the news to perform CCTV enhancement comes into play.


In most cases, the best CCTV video enhancer is only used to convert low-quality video to video evidence. Well, different steps are involved when it comes to enhancing your CCTV footage for courtroom use with Cognitech Video Investigator 64.


  • The first step requires you to receive and preserve the chain of custody of the video evidence. This involves copying the original file of the CCTV evidence to a reliable server. In case you don’t know, the preservation of the original video evidence is important to help you answer any question that relates to the integrity of the CCTV video.
  • Next, you need to convert the video accordingly, by switching to a format, which is right for video enhancement and analysis. This method will help you protect the original CCTV footage from being tampered with.
  • The last step involves evaluating and analyzing the new version of the video evidence. For this step, the forensic expert will have to analyze and check for many things, such as the size & resolution of the footage, evidence of compression & editing, analysis of EXIF data, and the identification of essential details, such as frame rate and codec.