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Mistakes to avoid while wearing a saree


Saree is an ensemble that is embraced by all the women in India and its subcontinent with their whole heart. It is a hand-woven fabric that is stretched anywhere between six yards to nine yards. The archives of the saree can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilization which has prospered between 2800-1800 BCE, where the priest statue was seen draping a shawl over the right shoulder.

Saree is a single attire that can be used for different looks be it beautiful, traditional, or sensual. Although it is a simple garment and has been carried for many years. still styling or wearing a saree is a difficult task, although it is a simple garment and has been carried for many years.

7 Mistakes to avoid while wearing a saree

Saree is an easy garment to go for for any kind of occasion you can think of, still being easy garment to choose from it is hard to style them correctly. Here are the seven common mistakes that you should avoid while styling a saree.

  1. Pairing Wrong shoes

You like it or not but shoes plays an important role, while you are styling a saree, the human eyes direct itself towards the feet intentionally or unintentionally so choose the right footwear. The footwear which can break your look with a saree without any doubts is wearing flats and the one footwear which can make you r look are simple wedges or mojris goes well with the saree. 

  1. Adding too many safety pins

When we are pretty new in wearing the saree it is our tendency to oversecure our saree but traditionally sarees are not meant to be secured with safety pins. Nevertheless, if you are using safety pins to feel secure then dont forget to hide it properly.

  1. Misfit Blouses

Wearing the right blouse and essential while you style a saree. But now with the ocean of an option of ocean available in today’s world we tend to forget  the basic so let’s recap what we should remember before buying a blouse:

  • Avoid too tight or too loose blouse pieces. A loose blouse piece can make you look out of date while a too tight blouse will make your unknown fats visible and in return will make you look un structured.
  • Blouse should be tailor made with the help of a professional and should not be purchased ready made because every body type is different and one must remember not one size fits all. 
  1. Wrong choice of underskirt

Underskirt is an essential part of clothing when it comes to sarees and the easiest part to get wrong because it is never talked about. So let’s deep into the mistake to avoid while selecting a underskirtt:

  • It should neither be too long nor too short.
  • You should consider discarding the flared underskirt as it makes you look shapeless and bulky instead you can choose from the new age shapewear underskirtskirt.
  • Avoid too loose underskirts, as they create unsightly folds and will devastate your overall appearance.
  1. Wearing the saree too high or too low

Experimenting with the saree is an eye-catching trend now but following the trend one must not forget that they should not tie the saree too high or too low because it will sabotage the graceful look and entire appearance.

  1. Saree pleats

It is something that one should not be piled up carelessly because too many pleats can give an illusion of a larger belly than its usual self and it is crucial to arrange the pleats neatly before tucking it.

  1. Wrong Draping style

Draping a saree can be a cakewalk for some and can be a daunting task for others because of the numerous options for draping a saree available online. In order to experiment on the d-day of wearing the saree you may tend to overlook the basic details and your feature won’t get accentuated which in order will lead to spoiling your overall look.

This are the few common mistakes that a women continue to do while styling their saree so don’t forget this points from next time while you style your saree.

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