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Twitter to Transform into a Trustworthy News Portal


Meta: Twitter is a popular microblogging service. Twitter users receive truthful news by browsing tweets they follow or by scrolling their timelines.

Twitter login is to tap on to an existing account, or you can start a new account. You have to enter your account username, email, or phone number and the password. You may log in by using the authentication app.

Twitter allows reading the tweets of anyone even without you having an account. You may visit the profile page and remember, that you cannot see anyone’s profile, if they have set it as a private account. Likewise, you must have a Twitter login account, to request them to follow you.

  • Twitter video downloader

Twitter Video Downloader refers to the app that you download to your device. It is quick and easy to open the downloaded videos anywhere, anytime you wish to share them with your friends.

  • Twitter download video

To download videos from Twitter is possible easily and now you can consider ‘Twitter download video’ on your desktop. Twitter video downloader makes the downloading of video process simple. You may follow the website and download your Twitter videos

· Open Twitter and look for the Twitter download video you need.

· Copy the link directly to the tweet containing the video you wish to download.

· Visit the Twitter video downloader site by pasting the link and clicking on download.

  • Twitter trending

The trends are the ones that help in understanding the sentiment of trending topics and the way people respond to the trend. Twitter trends are helpful as you get to see people in real-time talking about a service or product. Besides, you also can know what they are exactly saying. 

Twitter trending subjects are themes that relate to more talking. The trending subjects aim to help individuals get the breaking news from all over the globe. Trending on Twitter rundown implies you catch the sizzling points that are unknown.

  • Twitter Elon Musk

Elon Musk is fond of Twitter. Mr. Musk says ‘Free speech is the core of a functioning democracy and the digital town square is Twitter as it is the only social platform that has vital matters of humanity and future in debate.’

Elon Musk already has a whooping number of audience followers. He tweets sometimes controversially, while at times prolifically or occasionally catastrophically. He had to stop tweeting and was a victim of defamation when his tweets were about Tesla and a cave driver. His tweet bought the share price down for Tesla. However, Elon Musk did not stray away from his tweets.

On the other hand, Twitter is much fussy and demonstrative, and now Elon Musk wishes to see Twitter showing its extraordinary potential. Elon Musk is not keen on making money through it. Twitter Elon Musk wants Twitter to come to its full prospective. Elon’s aim is not revolving around the moneymaking business as he already has plenty. It looks like these multi-billionaires have different priorities. 

  • Twitter download

The Twitter download is not time-consuming. You may go to the Account setting after clicking on the navigation bar on the more icons. You can now select from the menu your account. Click on Download, which is your data archive. Enter the password that appears under ‘Download an archive of your data,’ and click on ‘Confirm.’

If you want Twitter Download on your phone, search for an official Twitter app and start. You may visit on iOS the app store or Google Play on Android. See for the bird logo representing the Twitter bird and search for the official app of Twitter. On seeing the official app, get started to download now.

  • Twitter web

Anyone can listen, join, and speak on Twitter Space using Android and iOS. Ensure the best Twitter experience as it has all the latest security updates and features. Ensure the operating system and browser is up-to-date. The compatible browser operating system is best with Windows 10 Edge.

Twitter for Websites relates to a suite of products or tools enabling the publishers to integrate into their sites the Twitter content. It includes Twitter functionality and content to the webpages and apps, thereby enabling the Twitter audience to follow Twitter accounts and share the content. The products include embedded timelines, embedded Tweets, follow buttons, and Tweet buttons.

  • Twitter 16

Twitter needs people to use their service at the right age and not too older or younger. Anyone signing up for a Twitter account must meet the minimum age requirement, as per the new changes. Only then, they can regain access by removing data.

The site is favorable for the ages Twitter 16 to 64. Twitter ranks above Telegram, Messenger, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

  • Twitter Roblox

Roblox is an online platform and is a place that allows interacting with its makers and kids. The players of Twitter Roblox can create a player (avatar) and allot digital money to a small mount facilitating to rent of a house.

  • Twitter explore

The tab Explore is in the Twitter app menu bar bottom. It allows the moments’ tab to function. Twitter explore is available for iPhone or iPad as an updated Twitter app. If you cannot see the app Explore, you may check the updated app. 

Explore catches you on varying subjects as they are curated for you. It is how Twitter shows what happens right now.


Twitter’s popularity goes much beyond global exposure and offers people to see and know about new brands. It is a means to build community and a listening tool.


The strength of Twitter is real-time. There is no other social platform on this close front. Though Facebook tries to compete and there is a unique perspective of Snapchat on the theme, even today, the wider pulse is with Twitter. It is the best indicator of what’s happening.

Twitter is a significant part of social media and has value to offer through tweets. The more people use it, the higher will be the value.