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Growing Demand for Social Media Chatbot Communication

Social Media Chatbot Communication

Meta: Staying competitive in modern business relates to automating processes. Today, mobile technologies and the internet have made many unimaginable things possible.

Receiving content virtually, publishing, and distributing the information are a routine. Besides, typically free is the access. Social media channels capitalize on the information interaction that the realm is collaborating, sharing, and connecting.

Zones of social media

Social media zones are rapidly changing and complex. There is an overlap between business purposes and personal social media. Understanding the main four zones of social media is crucial:

  • Zone 1- Social communities – It concentrates on building relationships such that consumers sharing the same interests can go together. It includes channels of social networking sites (LinkedIn and Facebook) wikis, forums, and message boards to participate. Social communities are about socializing and communicating with others, so be careful about, which and how much information to post.
  • Zone 2- Social publishing- It helps reach different audiences. The media sharing sites include photos (Flickr), videos (YouTube), blogs, podcasts (iTunes), and music. Companies promote their brands, contests, or commercials on YouTube. Social Publishing is about content sharing over the Internet.
  • Zone 3- Social entertainment– It includes channels entertaining such as Pandora and Spotify as entertainment communities, and Games such as Mafia Wars and Candy Crush.  
  • Zone 4- Social commerce- It is aplace online, where people sell and buy products. Social commerce provides the e-commerce territory for interactive shopping through social shopping websites. It includes ratings and reviews, and you may chat with friends or merchant personnel, as you shop. It includes Buy (Etsy, Amazon) sell ( eBay), and Review( Mouthshut, Tripadvisor). It is all about reaching consumers and increasing their earning potential.

What is social media in ICT?

Social media and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) are valuable tools supporting collaboration, and communication, and are enhancing learning and teaching. Social media in ICT are different concepts. They are inextricably connected and intertwined.  Social media promotes the human relationships and social interaction through technology.

What are social media and its types?

1. Social Networks- A social media site allows connecting with people having similar backgrounds and interests. These platforms allow family, friends, and brands also to connect, share thoughts, participate in similar interests, and upload videos and photos. Popular examples are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

2. Social news- This site allows posting news links and other external articles.  It also displays prominent items. An example is Reddit.

3. Bookmarking Sites- It allows users to organize and save links to online websites and resources. It also can ‘tag’ links facilitating easier search. Examples are ‘Flipboard, Pinterest, and StumbleOpen.’

4. Media Sharing– It allows users to host video sites and share different media types. These platforms promote content user-generated and share creativity. YouTube is a prominent media-sharing site.

5. Microblogging- They are like they sound, allowing users to submit written entries with their service or product links. Twitter is a microblogging website.

6. Forums and Blog comments – Users engage through community messages. There are endless blogging sites. Common is the Social Media Marketing.

7. Social Review Sites- Yelp and TripAdvisor, are some community members. Before buying anything, read the reviews. It is useful for regular buyers and businesses to understand the perspective of the customers.

What is the role of social media in communication?

Social media is one of the integral parts of our lives. It creates a long-lasting impact on communication. Online communication brings awareness, information, and news to audiences. Social media channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the prominent discussion portals.

Social media conversations are quicker and there is a positive impact on businesses and equally personal benefits. Social media channels pave the way for online communication.

What kind of communication is social media?

Social media is a communication form based on the internet. The platforms of social media allow users to share information, have conversations, and create web content. It describes as an online platforms involving commenting, posting, and interacting. The common platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Is social media verbal communication?

Social media is nonverbal communication. It includes sentence structure, font choices, filters, spacing, and punctuation.

What is chat communication?

Chat communication is the process of interaction, communicating, and exchanging messages online. It involves individuals communicating through the software or service that is chat-enabled. It is also known as online chat, chatting, or internet chat.

How do social media help in communication brainly?

Social media allows everyone to express their views, thereby reducing the communication barriers. Social media also widens individual knowledge as it has media-sourced information handy. Thus, it helps everyone stay brainly, informed, and active in society.

What is social media in mass communication?

Social media has redefined successfully the mass communication course. It surpasses print media and broadcast and captures all types of people into connection. The importance of social media in mass communication is on the brighter side as online communication has introduced more people to each other. It brings all types of information to audiences increasing awareness and people can know things happening all over the world.

How is social media destroying communication?

Anything used excessively has its side effects. Using social media excessively reduces the interaction of face-to-face. It creates a negative impact on society and leads to mood swings, anxiety, and depression.


Social media communication skills hurt the youth today as it inhibits the ability to communicate.  It is because most young people are limited to 144 characters or even less.


The communication world is changing with the changing times. Life has become easier with technology. The biggest downfall is people on social media sites are worse spellers. They start new languages filling them with shorthand and abbreviations that communications become difficult. Unfortunately, the future language will be ‘c u tmrw; and ‘omgs.’

Social media has promoted communication in many ways, and talking face-to-face has become less. Again, it is not a bad thing entirely.

What is holding you from popularity with social media chat communication?