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Top 4 Best Celebrity-Inspired Engagement Rings Trends You Should Know About In 2023

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When it comes to engagement planning, one challenge that most people often encounter is the inability to choose the right engagement rings for their big day. If you’re also experiencing this issue, one way to overcome it is by getting inspiration from celebrities.

Here’s a quick question; have you been struggling to pick the best engagement ring for your partner in 2023? If yes, you have two options if you want to get inspiration from celebrities. First,  you can consider going for a ring that your fiance-to-be’s favorite celebrity used. Alternatively, you can rely on the top celebrity engagement rings trends for 2023.

1.  Trilogy engagement rings

If your partner is a big fan of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, one engagement ring trend you can consider is the “trilogy ring.” Also known as three-stone or trinity rings, trilogy rings are designed to feature three diamonds. These diamonds are carefully positioned horizontally in a row.

Trilogy engagement rings are still very much in style in 2023. One reason for this is that these rings are extremely versatile. Your partner will be able to wear it in a couple of different ways. According to industry experts, more people will even consider this style for their engagement rings this year.

2.  Heart-shaped diamond engagement rings

In the past, engagement rings (with geometric shapes) were very common among people who cherished beloved memories. Today, however, a lot of people now consider heart-shaped rings for their engagements. Although heart diamond rings are classic, they are still effective today for lovers to express their love, passion, romance, and commitment in a relationship.

In 2023, one celebrity you can get inspiration from when it comes to buying the best heart-shaped diamond engagement rings for women is Lady Gaga. The pave diamond hidden engagement ring halo was given to the American singer on 2015 Valentine’s Day. The ring featured an 8ct heart-shaped white diamond.

3.  Oval-shaped solitaire diamond ring

Engagement RingsIf Lady Gaga’s ring and Meghan’s engagement rings aren’t inspiring enough to you, you can always consider Kourtney Kardashian’s oval-shaped diamond solitaire engagement ring.

The oval-shaped solitaire diamond rings aren’t just ideal for shoppers who are on a budget. In addition, this type of ring is ideal for fiancees-to-be, who are interested in more sparkle and weight, regardless of the ring’s price.

4.  Vintage-inspired engagement rings

Are you (or is your partner) a big fan of the American singer, Ashlee Simpson? If yes, then you’re most likely familiar with the singer’s engagement event, in which she was presented with a vintage-inspired engagement ring. You can also get inspiration from this type of ring when choosing a suitable ring for your partner this year.

In case you don’t know, Ashlee Simpson’s ring features a 5-carat marquise-shaped diamond that came from Neil Lane’s vintage collection. The diamond, which was surrounded by white diamonds and rubies, was set in platinum & yellow gold.

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