Getting Started

Hello! Welcome to the guide to using Stribr. Getting Started on Stribr takes less than 30 seconds. Enter a valid email ID and choose a password to create your Stribr account.

Getting Started

Connecting your first Instagram Account

Once you have created your account you will be asked to connect your first Instagram Account. Our app will ask you to grant permission to access and manage your account. We do not store your Instagram password.

Connecting first account

Adding More Instagram Accounts

You can add more Instagram Accounts by clicking on the + button next to your account profile picture. Follow the steps in the pop up to add more Instagram Accounts.

Adding more Instagram accounts

Adding Team Members

If you have any team members that you want to add to help manage your Instagram accounts you can add them in the Settings page. Enter a name, valid email ID and select a password for each team member you wish to add. Your team members can log in with their email & password. They can change the passwords from their own settings dashboard.

Adding team members

Managing your Team

As the admin of your team, you can grant access to different Instagram accounts to different members of your team. This is done from the team management tab in the settings page. Team members have access to all the accounts that the admin grants them access to. They can also schedule posts to be posted from these accounts. In addition to this, the admin can also schedule posts and assign them to team members (more on this in the scheduling section).

Managing team
Instagram Search

Monitor Instagram Hashtags

You can add hashtags that you wish to monitor in the home screen of your dashboard. You can manually add hashtags (or) you can search for Hashtags in the search bar and add them to your saved searches.

Monitor Instagram hashtags

Monitor Locations & Geographies

Like Hashtags, you can search for locations and save them from the preview results. The preview results allows you to check out the locations and see if there is any activity in any of these locations. Your saved locations will be displayed on the dashboard's home screen. The geography around your saved location will also automatically be added to the saved searches.

Monitor locations and geographies

Saved searches

Monitor Other Instagram Accounts

You can search for and add other user iInstagram accounts to your saved searches. Use this to monitor your competitors, interests or other accounts for content inspiration.

Email Summaries

Once you have set up your accounts and preferences, Stribr will mail you a weekly summary of all your important Instagram metrics. Here is a sample of our weekly email.

Instagram Analytics

The analytics gives you all the numbers related to your Instagram account. It is updated once everyday. The default list of metrics provided include content performance, best time to post, follower growth, best performing hashtags & filters etc. Advanced plans allow you to view analytics on Hashtag campaigns, Location metrics and Influencer data.

Instagram Analytics
More Instagram analytics

Follower Management & Engagement

Stribr allows you to engage with people by performing actions such as following, unfollowing and tracking your followers. You can perform the following actions in the follower management page:

  • View and Manage your own followers & following list.
  • Look for Instagrammers who are posting under a keyword/hashtag.
  • Advanced plans allow you to perform follower sorting by influence, bio searches etc.
Follower management

Instagram Scheduling - Android & iOS apps

Stribr follows a push notification system to allow you to schedule posts on Instagram. You can read more on why we don't automatically schedule posts here.

You can upload a new post/posts by clicking on the new post button.

In addition to uploading photos, you can schedule the posts at the best times for engagement and also add your best performing hashtags.

Instagram Scheduling
Instagram Scheduling modal
Scheduled posts

Advanced Analytics

In addition to content and profile metrics metrics on competitor accounts, hashtags and location. You can enable these features with the brand account.